Few days back we had a discussion on the “RELEVANCE OF INDEPENDENCE” here in HCL Bangalore EC campus, and the occasion was INDEPENDENCE DAY , 2011. It was a healthy discussion though speakers were less but the thoughts were floating like a voyage set for an endless journey. Some positive and more negative (Including me) about it. Winners and losers like all other debate or any other competitions did also emerge. Though I was questioning the relevance of this FEEL, I really appreciate the positive thoughts and also I never find myself being a pessimist, but what ringed the bell is one statement given by one of the co speaker there “we are independent and what more proof is needed than the opportunity which we got to discuss about it here”. Statement was nice and the optimism was really appreciable.
But I think that just one thing was missed in the frame and that was “are we (1 billion INDIANS) getting this opportunity everywhere in India in all respect?”
Fairly speaking I do not know about it, but some of the facts which I am aware of, presents a very gloomy picture in this canvass, where the colors are really missing and the theme itself poses the doubt.
It was a rare Friday evening and I came to home and prepared coffee, pulled my cane chair in the balcony and fell leisurely on it. Rain soaked earth, trickles of the raindrops everywhere and sun was nowhere to be seen as if it has finalized its journey for the day by having been set at the far end of the sky. Humming birds and leaves ruffle in soft breeze, rain washed rooftop and green grass patches, ambience was so beautiful and mesmerizing outside as if had been the final stroke of some unknown artist in the pursuit of creating utopian masterpiece. It was really rejuvenating me and in this magical moment coffee was amnesia for the long stressful day. I do not know whether this was the stimulating effect of my coffee or was it always there in my deep recess and came out suddenly due to this magical effect, but in that very moment this bell started ringing again.
There are some facts which really need recognition and remedy too, which are not hidden from anyone though we never give any heed on it.
First of all, we are the citizen of a country where almost 80% households are forced to live under the earning of less than Rs. 20 in a day for the livelihood, and worst of all, they are forced to live in apartheid manner. The picture which we are seeing around here is that, which fills its colors with rest of the 20% population, so it is not as rosy as it looks. The gray patches are there, shadowed behind this. I am not in favor to give them bonanza but the fair treatment and equal opportunity which they need always seems to be absent. Every member of a house work together every day to just meet the end somewhat peacefully. Children are forced to work under circumstances to help their parent or vice versa. There are laws and various schemes to prevent it and improve the conditions but seems to be in paper only, the ground reality is very different.
Government scheme pipelines are like magical cone, stuck with various suckers in each level, in which when the funds get released, it disappear in the midway and at the bottom reaches the miniscule amount if the luck favors but most of the time disappear like a camphor. People says that education is the only tool to fight back and I am also very much agree with this but my dear friend don’t you think that empty stomach doesn’t know the language of education. For education basic needs must be fulfilled. Only then the mind will start thinking in positive direction. Mid day meal scheme was brought for this but reality is not hidden from the government Babu’s eyes, though the differences were yet to be seen.
Farmer suicide is well known in the state like Maharashtra, Orissa and other states where under the grave circumstances they are forced to commit suicide though it’s not justifiable but when the eyes loose dreams, heart looses hope and the day turn in gloomy darkness then perhaps the life looses it’s meaning and then comes the last and unprecedented aspect of life which seems to be too heavy to carry forward.
Kashmir is under turmoil and people are doing catwalk in violent mood with the bloodiest weapons in hand, saffron is replacing its color with blood in the valley. Bullets and bombs are getting blasted every minute in the Indian frontier, people are running out from their own houses under untold fear and we are still independent.

Naxalism is engulfing the states after states, the saviors of citizens him selves are getting killed by extremists here and there. Our sovereignty is under threat and we are in the illusion of daydreaming. National politics is bouncing in the honeymoon bed with the vested interest without the fear or care. Blind folded reservation is continuously being dragged in the name of social welfare. Millions of cases are waiting inside the files covered under the dirt from years in the name of justice, and sufferers are getting it after their death if lucky enough.
People are being politicized when and where needed in the name of cast, religion, language, regionalism …..And god knows what more.
And still India rising and we say we are independent, just because our GDP growth is touching two digits number. I am not a economist but just have one doubt….Let’s say the case of 1960’s when our GDP growth was 3 or 4% and population was 30 million. Today our growth is 7 or 8% and population is more than 1 billion, then what happens to the per capita income?? Mathematics is simpler but the picture seems to be unclear.
I am not here to point out all these problems of India or not denying the progress of the country in last two decades when we abolished the License raj, Quota raj, liberalized the Direct Foreign Investment and so many measures taken.
these are not the new words or facts which we are coming across first time. I am also not trying to change the system or not trying to create some revolutionary effect.
But my simple point is when “Mangal Pandey” started the freedom revolution, was that pair of eyes would have been carrying the dream of this India?
When Queen of Jhansi flanked her sword, sacrificed her life along with Tatya Tope, Kuwanar Singh, Nana sahib, Peswa and thousands of martyr, was it the dream they had fought for?
When bhagat singh, Pt. Azad, bipin Chandra pal, Gokhale, Pt. Bismil, Subhas Chandra Bose and thousands of such sons of mother India died in the pursuance of unfastening the shackle, was this the vision of their pursuit..?

Certainly that was not the relative independence. It must have been the absolute Independence of minds, body and soul with proper responsibility, which gave them the courage patience and zeal to fight the battle.

But In this circumstances are we feel the pride for their martyrdom in true sense?

…answer is left to you..
But only an opportunity to discuss about this topic certainly does not provide the relevance of Independence in the true sense.
There are thousands of such questions which pose the doubt and the question for being independent, because 100 years ago the privileged people were still enjoying the independence and luxury in the same manner as are savoring today, but the mango people who suffered earlier are suffered earlier are suffering now too…the only difference is that in that medieval period the rulers came from different countries in time to time but today the crisis has been created by their own people and this really is more painful than had been earlier .
So still the Question is there for you to be answered…ARE WE REALLY INDEPENDENT